Word of the Month: Assist

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I know sometimes it can be hard to ask for help. Especially since, for some reason, women feel immense pressure to be able to do it all themselves. Often feeling guilty if they let even the smallest things slip. Like bringing in someone to assist them is a slur on their character or something.

The thing is, none of us are perfect, and we are all trying our best. And sometimes, for us to be our best selves we need to reach out to others. We need other people to assist us, support us and help us become the best version of ourselves. The phrase ‘it takes a village’ applies to all kinds of situations and your business is one of them. That’s where I come in.

What can you do?

With me as your VA, I can assist you and support you in getting rid of that pesky to-do list. Help you with your admin. Send those invoices which are piling up. Be there providing day-to-day support if that’s what you want and as a result, this frees up your time. Time you can spend going for that stroll you’ve been promising yourself. Time to go to that client meeting you never seem to get round to. Or maybe just time to sit and snuggle down on the sofa watching your favourite TV programmes and shovelling popcorn. (OK that last one might just be a me thing.) 

And while you’re doing all that Gucci stuff, you can rest easy knowing I’m there for you, taking care of your admin so you don’t have to.

And if this sounds like just what you need, why don’t you drop me an email or book yourself in for an introductory call and get the assist-ance you need.

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