The Multitasking Trap: How To Weather The Storm of Your To-do List

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Why what you know about multitasking is a lie…

I was watching Gilmore Girls at the weekend – not an uncommon event (this is my fourth time watching the entire 7 seasons plus special). Aaaaanyway, I had started dinner, Gene was a very tired 3-year-old, I was trying to plan my content for the week, the teens were making demands, the housework needed doing and I sat there, frazzled, and realised that NONE of these things were actually getting any of my attention.

So what did I do?

I stopped. I put the Bolognese on to simmer, closed my notebook, put the washing on and then just sat on the sofa with Gene who promptly fell asleep on me. Turns out all he wanted was a cwtch from his mum and a little snooze.  The Teens were placated with a couple of texts (they are too lazy to walk ALL the way downstairs) and the content planning could wait.

This manic half an hour or so led me to thinking about the trap of multi-tasking and how easy it is to fall into it.

Y’see I notice quite a lot of people touting their multitasking skills, often using it as a selling point, but I don’t actually agree that it is a selling point.  I would go so far as to say that it’s a negative.

I hate to burst your bubble, but…

multitasking actually detracts from efficiency and causes distraction which leads to jobs half done, stress, shortage of headspace and ultimately a to-do list that never ends, and you didn’t start your business to feel disenchanted with your work, in fact, you probably started it with entirely the opposite intention.

Now I understand the appeal of multitasking, the term is celebrated, thought of as a super-talent, something to be worked towards and revered, but if you – and I know this might sound a bit backwards – if you just slow down and focus on one task at a time, give that task all of your attention, and actually finish it, you will find that getting through your to-do list is not only doable, it will take you less time than you thought.

Then you can take a little time to celebrate your victory with a nice, chilled cup of coffee and a HUGE triple chocolate chip cookie… or y’know, your drink and snack of choice!

And if you still find your to-do list isn’t getting done, or you’re spending time on the stuff that isn’t helping your business move forward, why not slide your way into my emails and see if I can help you.

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