When your self-employment dream becomes an admin nightmare and what you can do about it

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How it started

You started your business a few years ago, just you, your plucky I-can-do-this self and your dream of self-employment.

Slowly you gained a handful of clients, so you introduced an onboarding form, created a small spreadsheet which served as a makeshift client database and send all the intro emails yourself; your clients are happy, life is good.

Over time that handful of clients – and the amount of software programmes you’re using – grows and your spreadsheet is turning into a monster. That onboarding form is just another email you’ll ‘get round to’, and client ID and information sits somewhere in your inbox. It’s time. You realise you need to centralise your processes; you need a CRM.

So hunting for a CRM you go, you trial different ones and you find it, the CRM for you. But now you need to transfer all your client data. Oof! That’s going to take tiiime! But you do it. You make the time.  So what if it seems like you spend more time at your desk than with your family? It’s only short-term.

But those clients. They keep a-comin’.

Amazing! Go you!

How it’s going

With more clients, comes more work, more onboarding, more data entry, more customer service… how are you going to continue to do everything without sacrificing that other dream you had? You know, the one where you started your own business so that you could have your career your way, but also have time AWAY from work, to do all the good stuff your hard-earned money was supposed to pay for.

You carry on, promising yourself you’ll get a VA or something to help out. But of course, you want everything to be in some semblance of order so you can onboard them cleanly, so on you plod.

Now you’re working harder and harder, doing more and more until one day, you come to realise that it just can’t continue this way. You’re so tired. Yeah, your family sees you but you’re not really present at home. Your mind constantly whirrs with all the work you need to get done. And your to-do list? Pfft! You may as well print it and pass it off as a novel, it just. Keeps. Growing. How can you bring a VA into this? It’s all such a mess.

What’s the answer?

You contact me. We have a chat. I onboard you and we get to work. A team now. That other dream comes back into focus. Those clients keep coming too. But now, thanks to all our hard work, that CRM is firing on all cylinders and, oh yeah! You have me. You’re not alone anymore.

You even start to fall in love with your business again, your self-employment dream now a reality. You remember why you started this in the first place, you have renewed focus, you’re finally present… and doesn’t that feel good?

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