Word of the Month: Insouciant

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Meaning: free from concern, worry or anxiety; nonchalant

Oh, wouldn’t it be nice if we could all be a little more insouciant?

As a busy entrepreneur, I can imagine this feels like a distant dream to you.  In fact, if I’ve done my job properly, you’re here reading my blog because you want more insouciance in your life. And you want it now.

I see you

Life as a self-employed business owner isn’t easy. People imagine you sat at home watching tele, going out to lavish ‘lunch meetings’ and only every so often checking your emails. The reality is very different. As a fellow self-employed business owner, know that I see you. I know the hours you put in. And I understand the sacrifices you make to secure that new client or make the next sale.

I see you sat at your laptop, on a Saturday, going through the business admin you didn’t get a chance to do in the week. I get it. I’m one of you after all.

I’m also the person who can help you free up that weekend. I can take away that admin which keeps you chained to your desk and do it for you. I can support you and your business and I can make your life that little bit more insouciant.

Maybe I free up your time so that you can go on those lavish lunches. And the best bit is you’ll have a teammate to talk about it with after. Someone who gets it. Who understands what you’re trying to achieve and can help you get there.

So why not offload some of your worries by outsourcing your admin? Drop me an email or book yourself in for a call and find out how Clear Skies VA can help you become a little more insouciant.

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