Word of the Month: Froward

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Meaning: willfully contrary; not easily managed

OK so this month, I’m being a little froward and just posting for the fun of it! No CTA, no selling my services, I’m just here, sharing another word I love.

And what a word it is. I particularly love this word because in itself it’s rebellious. You look at it thinking someone’s misspelt ‘forward’, but no, it’s a word all its own and the meaning fits it perfectly! And you know, being froward isn’t always a bad thing.

But, but when is it ever a good thing?

Well, it depends on your viewpoint, but it was being froward that led to me becoming a verified business owner living the self-employed dream. I shook off the corporate shackles and threw myself into the unknown. It was risky, it was absolutely contrary to everything I’d ever known but by Jove! I’m so much happier for it.

My teenage son was froward and dropped out of sixth form to go to college, meaning he could take the courses he wanted. He was told by almost all the adults in his life that what he was doing was silly and that he was making life harder for himself, but it hasn’t worked out that way. He followed his intuition, knew what was best for him and now he’s leading a happier life. This mama couldn’t be prouder!

And my 4-year-old is absolutely froward – and forward for that matter – far too clever for this mama and I sincerely hope that contrariness holds him in good stead as an adult and gets him where he wants to go. ⠀

Then there’s my hair… my hair is also froward, but this would be an example of when being froward is a bad thing! My tresses are wild and fluffy – definitely not easy to manage. They need a hefty pair of straighteners to look anything resembling good. And I’m learning to embrace the kinks and the fluff, but I’d much rather it behave and fall straight!

So come on, share with me. What’s froward in your life? Is your hair unruly? Your work? Your partner? Drop me a message and let me know.⠀

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