Word of the Month: Believe

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Meaning: to think that something is true, correct or real

Holidays are coming! Holidays are Coming!

Being a HUGE Christmas junkie, you can’t possibly expect for me to be all worky at this time of year, so this month I’m bringing a bit of whimsy to Word of the Month with believe.

Do you believe?

I often wish I still believed in Father Christmas (I believe in Hogwarts after all!), mainly because I love the idea of Reindeer that can fly! But those stories didn’t just come from nowhere right?

This time of year brings us a truly magical time when my almost-5-year-old utterly believes in the magic of Christmas. (In fact, he is almost as excited as I am! 👀)

Do you remember your childhood Christmasses? I do.

I’ve always found Christmas to be a beautiful and innocent time. I think the wonder in our children is a magic all in itself. It really is quite something to behold, be in witness of and it’s something I both cherish and envy.

I remember being a little girl, staying up as late as I could to listen out for the sound of sleigh bells, the rustle of the tree. I was a nightmare to get to sleep on Christmas Eve. Still am actually. It’s like my body has been tuned in to the exact date and time I chose to stay up as late as possible year in year out as a child. Every other night of the year, I go out like a light – it’s a gift I am very grateful for – but not Christmas Eve. Oh no. Christmas Eve is a night filled with magic and wonder.

This year I’m choosing to embrace that inner child again, to believe in the magic. I’m gonna wrap those presents with so much wonder in my heart because I know that when the teenage boys open them on Christmas morning, they’ll be transported back to their childhoods and fully embracing that remembered joy.

After all, you’re never too old to believe…

Heads up… Preach alert…

If you have a special little one in your life, and you want to spoil them, why not buy local this year? Support the community around them and gift them something a little bit quirky they will remember for years to come.

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